Geraakt door een onderwerp, maak ik

mijn eigen documentaires.

2014 | SABAR - Le pouls Sénégalais (Senegal's heartbeat)

A documentary about the popular percussion and dance scene in Senegal, with its huge complex, driving rhythms and explosive dance, with a focus on handing down the Sabar traditions to the next generations, specifically from father to son.

In the labyrinth of hot, dusty streets of Dakar, Senegal, the percussionist Maguette Gueye - 31 years old - cannot help but play on his Sabar, as an artist who cannot live without his brushes.

Maguette is no ordinary Senegalese, but a Wolof Griot (bard), whose destiny is to live as a Sabar player. He is one of the many drummers in Dakar who make a meagre living from their art and have to maintain a position in the ever-growing group of artists. He says "I am a Griot and I cannot be but who I am: a 'téggkat' (percussionist). Will his two sons follow this way of life?

[61 minutes]

2012 | Polygamy in Oman

Women and men from all walks of life in Oman share their views on the Muslim practice of Polygamy . The practice continues throughout the muslim world however opinions vary widely from region to region.

The film introduces families, and individuals across the Sultanate of Oman who are either living in polygamous marriages or have been affected by them in some way. These people share their thoughts and beliefs on this age old practice in today's rapidly changing technologically oriented world.

[45 minutes]

2007 | Young & Invisible

Ethiopian and Somali domestic workers in Yemen.

While the employment of migrant domestic workers in the oil-producing countries of the Arabian Peninsula is well-known, few people know that also in a poor country like Yemen mainly migrant women are employed as domestics. Why is there a demand for paid domestic labour in Yemen and who fills this demand?

Deeqa came as a refugee from Somalia, leaving her four children behind; Ethiopian Hiwot joined her sister who was already working in Yemen; and Helen, who is of mixed Ethiopian/Eritrean descent, came via an illegal recruitment agent. They share the type of work, but have different stories to tell…

[26 minutes]


Nature documentary about the Przewalski horse in Hustai National Park in Mongolia.


Los Pueblos Nuevos shows the impact of the dangerous works of the Unions at Guatemala's coutryside. Fired farmers walked a long and riskfull march to the capital to point attention to the lawlessness in their country.

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