Since 2001 I work as a fixed camera assistant, researcher, second camera and sound woman for Solfilmproducties.

A lot of time has been spent on various documentaries about the Sinti and Roma community in Europe.

Media training

Witcommunicatie provides, among other things, media training, and I take care of the camera work.


Depending on the project I am happy to work with

René Gast |

Gwen Jansen |

Annelotte Verhaagen |

Olga Busch |

Michiel Overeem | René Schaap | ConnectingMedia

Gerbrand Oudenaarden | Engage! TV

Paul van den Bos | camera

Kees van Gool |

Thijs Dikshoorn |

Yvonne Kroese |

Luc en Ruben |

Ralf Verbeek |

and others..